Wednesday, September 16, 2009

John Liu Advances to Runn-off After NYC Primary

John Liu has progressed in his quest to become Comptroller for New York City, with a strong showing in a multi-candidate field that just fell short of the mark. He will move ahead to a runoff at the end of this month.

Following is a message distributed by the campaign.


Dear Friend,

I'm truly grateful for all of your support and hard work since I
started my campaign for City Comptroller.

We had a strong showing yesterday in the Primary election for
Comptroller -- well ahead of our rivals with more than 38% of the
vote, but we did not quite reach the 40% plurality needed. We're all
set for the run-off election on September 29th.

Our campaign is already building on our momentum -- today, we gained
the support of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Joint
Council 16 which represents more than 120,000 workers in the trucking,
sanitation, airline and pharmaceutical industries.

“It is my pleasure to announce on behalf of the more than 120,000
working men and women in the Teamsters Joint Council 16, our
endorsement of Councilman John Liu for New York City Comptroller,"
said Teamsters President George Miranda. “Over the past eight years,
as a Councilman and Chair of the Transportation Committee, he has
consistently backed the interests of working people. John’s financial
experience will make him a fine Comptroller, but his passion for
public service will make him the people’s watchdog in an era of
economic uncertainty. We look forward to doing all we can to make sure
that John becomes New York’s next Comptroller."

People are galvanized by the positive campaign we're running - a
campaign based on the issues that matter to working men and women and
families across the City. People are excited about my vision for the
Office and plan to build on on City's infrastructure and protect the
pensions that people have worked their whole lives to accumulate.

The people of this City deserve an independent fiscal watchdog that
looks out for their interests, not the special interests. I will be
an aggressive advocate for campaign has always been about

I will work hard over the next two weeks...and even harder for you
when I'm elected the next Comptroller.

Please join me... and help turn out the vote on September 29th. And,
together, we will change the future of New York City.

Grateful for your support,

John Liu

FOX5 News - 9/16/09

EXCERPT - New York City Councilman John Liu of Queens finished first
in the Democratic primary for New York City Comptroller, but it wasn't
enough to avoid a run-off.

NY1: "Liu, Yassky Prepare For Comptroller Runoff" - 9/16/09

EXCERPT - The Democratic race for city comptroller between four City
Council members was tight as expected Tuesday, but the leading
candidate almost avoided a runoff entirely.

"I'm deeply so honored to have all of your support, for all the hard
work that you have put in over these months and years and to get us to
the point that we are today," said Liu. "We made a tremendous

Liu collected the most votes in a race that pitted four City Council
members against each other.

Liu says he's planning to spend the next two weeks talking about the
issues and says he fully expects to be the Democratic nominee come
Election Day in November.

NEW YORK TIMES: "A Victory, Runoffs and Several Incumbents Ousted" - 9/15/09

EXCERPT - In the race for comptroller, Councilman John C. Liu of
Queens held the lead, with 38 percent of the vote.

When the candidate arrived, the crowd grew louder. Arms went out to
hug Mr. Liu, who arrived with his wife, Jenny, and his 9-year-old son,
Joey. “Listen, we’re not done yet!” Mr. Liu said. “One more hour!
Let’s get those voters out.”

NEW YORK TIMES: "New Yorkers Vote in Primaries for Top Citywide Posts" - 9/14/09

EXCERPT - Mr. Liu, who would be the first Asian-American elected to
citywide office, has the endorsement of several powerful unions,
including the United Federation of Teachers, the Service Employees
International Union and the Transport Workers Union.

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