Friday, April 04, 2008

Opinion Added: 'Why Clinton Works for Asian American Women"

In a recently added op-ed wrapping up our Women's History Month @ Asian American Village edition, frequent special contributor Erin May Ling Quill confesses why...
"...I heart Hillary. Starting in Women’s History Month, I sat to write a few words as to what Hillary’s campaign means to me as an Asian American woman. I was kind of surprised when I started my research, but the more I did, the more I ‘heart’ her. "

Along with other recent contributions on the network, the piece explores the constellation of tricky identity politics, community issues, gender and ethnic affinities at play in this election -- where, on the Democratic side, the prospect of possibly electing the nation's first woman president or the first African-American/multiracial president has many voters torn.


The Village caretakers remain interested in hearing opinions of diverse Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders about the choices left before us in the primaries and the upcoming general election. We want to know "who 'hearts' who" in this historic election, and why.

Where do we fit in -- into the high-profile dialogues on race and race relations, and on immigration and belonging, that have become so prominent in this later primary season?

Where do we fit -- in as men and women? As neither white nor black? As Americans or as immigrants? As a small population and a growing voting bloc?

We'd love to hear your comments here!