Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No April Fool's: Q & A With Milwaukee Mayoral Candidate Andrew Shaw

Item of interest: In a possibly unlikely-seeming race, the Milwaukee heads to the polls today to determine, among other things, whether Andrew Shaw will have a chance to become that city's first Asian American mayor. He is profiled on the website of local news channel WISN:

Q & A With Milwaukee Mayor Candidate Andrew Shaw - WISN 12: Commitment 2008 News Story - WISN Milwaukee:
"Andrew Shaw is the first Asian-American to seek the Milwaukee mayoral
position. He is running against Mayor Tom Barrett in the April 1 election.

The determined candidate was born in South Korea and raised in
Minnesota. He graduated in 1992 with a J.D. in Law from Marquette University Law
School. Since then, Shaw has worked for 15 years as an attorney and an

He has always been interested in addressing issues involving race.
While attending law school, the candidate participated in the creation of
Marquette University Law School's chapter of the Asian Law Students