Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Statement by 121 Coalition Supporting H.Res. 121

Call to Action from 121 Coalition

About H.Res. 121

Japan's Imperial Army enslaved 200,000 girls and women of Asia during WWII and exploited them as "comfort women."

But there was no comfort and many were not yet sixteen.

These girls and women were victims of gang rape and brutal torture organized by the Japanese military that resulted in death, dehumanization and disease.

It's terrible enough that this atrocity was committed, but the suffering continues because despite testimonies from survivors and official documentation, Japan has not fully acknowledged responsibility for the crime. Their past attempts at apologies were equivocal and vague. And the truth is not taught in schools.

In fact, Prime Minister Abe and the Japanese government are now denying that the government played any role in raping of these women. Now they want to maintain that these girls were well-paid prostitutes at brothels. These women have evidence on their bodies: the knife wounds, broken bones, the diseases, removed uteruses. This is a moral outrage and a threat to global peace.

H.Res. 121, proposed by Congressman Mike Honda, calls upon the Japanese government to make an unequivocal and official apology for committing this war crime. Support H.Res. 121 and stand on the side of human rights, women's rights, global peace, truth and reconciliation.

For a list of organizations in our coalition, to join, or to learn about events and actions, go to: support121.org

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