Monday, March 26, 2007

Follow up on Coalition 121 "Comfort Women" Resolution Action

This is from one of the organizers:

Based on preliminary analyses by the organizers, Coalition 121's lobby day, a number of U.S. legislators appear to be favorably viewing Congressman Mike Honda's resolution calling on Japan to recognize and apologize to former WWII "Comfort Women". During the Coalition's lobbying day on March 23, activists and volunteers visited some 130 offices on Capitol Hill to urge legislators to support the resolution by signing or cosponsoring it.

The Coalition reports that four representatives -- James McGovern, Jesse Jackson, Linda Sanchez, and Bobby Rush -- have already confirmed their cosponsorships of the resolution.


Also, in an only somewhat related item, we've posted a new Secret Asian Man strip, "The Abe Interview," by cartoon satirist Tak Toyshima, a fresh take on the issue for this year's Women's History Month.