Monday, October 23, 2006

Asian American Village Jobs for US @ IMDiversity Career Center

What's New this Month -- the kinda short version:

Preamble: New Asian American Village Jobs for US job-seeker tools section @ IMDiversity Career Center

What it is: A new job search tool consolidating a wide array of free jobs and resume database tools powered by IMDiversity Career Center and its partners to allow convenient, bookmarkable access specifically (but not exclusively) to our Asian American and Pacific Islander users.

What it does: In an easy, all-in-one "dashboard" form:

1) Provides a form for easy customized searching of opportunities in IMDiversity's expansive diversity recruitment job postings database by keyword, location, commuting distance, industry, and job type, where results can be saved (for 1-click future searches), scheduled (for no-click automated searching in the future, with personalized job-search alerts delivered by email), or immediately stored in a free, personal MY JOB TOOLS Account to apply to with your stored resume, cover letter and other materials.

2) Adds employer, compensation, and job location research tools: Detailed profiles of hiring employers, salary and benefits calculators, cost-of-living wizard, etc.

3) Includes dashboard of pre-programmed search links created by Asian American Village editors to weed out those needle-in-haystack opportunities specifically of interest to APAs, where our experiences, language skills, and community interests may give us an edge. These could range from jobs favoring Asian bilingual candidates to those seeking experience working in Asian American markets, jobs offering an opportunity to travel part-time in Asia and the Pacific to those providing a chance to serve Asian Americans and our communities.

4) Includes Editors' Choice Featured Jobs and Employers -- prominently placed notices when our editors find an opportunity, usually about to expire, of particular interest. "Of interest" may mean the editors have determined that APA candidates have an edge, that it has to do with the APA community concerns, or simply that it's a cool / highly paid / rare opportunity that we would wish one our friends could land. In some cases, we may just know that an employer currently has a particular interest in diversifying their workforce through increasing opportunities for APA candidates. However, at the moment, these are all editors' choice: no advertisers can specifically buy their way into being featured on this section.

5) Provides easy navigation to other opportunities sections, tools, and sites just for students and entry-level workers, including Graduate School searches, internships and fellowships listings, our Black Collegian sister site targeting entry-level opportunities, our worthy APA-serving partner organizations, and more.

What it costs: Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Where it is: