Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Adventures in Multicultural Living Launch at AnnArbor.com

Adventures in Multicultural Living, the column written by longtime IMDiversity.com Asian American Village editor, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, has just celebrated its one-year anniversary, shifted to a weekly format, and moved to AnnArbor.com (formerly The Ann Arbor News). She will also be blogging twice a week about upcoming multicultural activities in the community. Although the details will be local, the vision is national and international, and will be of interest to IMDiversity.com readers. The column continues to run at the Japanese American Citizens League's pacificcitizen.org, Voices of Adoption at RainbowKids.com, and InCultureParent.com (pending). Thanks for your continued support, comments, and forwards to your friends and organizations.

Join me as I explore Ann Arbor through a cross-cultural lens - AnnArbor.com
When I first came to Ann Arbor from California for graduate school oh so many years ago, I felt out of place, conspicuous, like a foreigner, like I was not wanted and I did not belong. Without a feeling of safety and understanding, it was difficult for me to maintain my footing, and I planned to graduate and run away as soon as possible. But on my way out of town...