Friday, March 06, 2009

Generation APA 2009—Synergy

Saturday, March 7th 2009 at 7PM
University of Michigan Power Center for the Performing Arts, 121 Fletcher Street, Ann Arbor, MI
Tickets: You can purchase tickets at MUTO for $5 or at the door for $10 or purchase your tickets online at Ticketmaster!

Generation APA has been a proud tradition on the University of Michigan campus since 1995. As one of the largest and best student-run pan-Asian cultural programs in the nation, Generation APA consistently attracts nearly 300 participants along with a culturally diverse audience. It showcases the unity and strength of the APA community by alluding to the past while collectively moving the whole community into the future. Promoting cultural diversity through tradition and history remains intrinsic to the core values of Generation APA. Each year it strives to improve its program while preserving the cultural foundation upon which it was built. Originality and creativity are highly encouraged.

This year's GenAPA theme is synergy, or the convergence of Asian cultures and their union with American culture as it is today. It is at the intersection of these cultural components that GenAPA stands: the show will explore not only the upholding of individual cultures but also the power that can be obtained by the unification of various Asian-American identities.

List of Acts
alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc.
Asian Intervarsity Christian Fellowship: Body Worship
Spoken Word Artist: Amer Ahmed
Guitarist: Calvin Chan
Chinese Student Association: rXn
Filipino American Student Association
Indian Classical Music and Dance
Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.
Lambda Phi Epsilon National Fraternity, Inc.
Maya Dance Troupe
Persian Student Association
The Michigan Raas Team
Revolution Chinese Yo-yo Team
Shy Architect

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