Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update and Correction: APIA Townhall Webcast Today

Here's a quick reminder that for those who can't attend today's First APIA National Presidential Townhall at UC Irvine or one of the many local simulcast parties today, Asian American Village and Punjabi Community Hour Inc. are scheduled to stream the main event at 4 PM Pacific Time.

The Asian American Village stream is at, and is Windows Media format. It should be viewable in most browsers that have the plug-in for Windows Media Player 9, but there is an additional link to play it on a local-machine Media Player as well.

We also need to make a correction: In our previous post of the email release for the event, there was an error in the link coding for Punjabi Community Hour Inc., whose streaming video site is: and NOT has continued to post updates about the Townhall and other events for the weekend at its site,, including a full schedule in PDF format of today's events in Irvine.