Thursday, July 26, 2007

Secret Asian Man Comic Strip Gets National Syndication

Beloved strip considered the first syndicated strip to feature Asian-American lead character

The editors at Asian-American Village are thrilled to announce that our own hometown boy, Secret Asian Man, created by longtime Village contributor Tak Toyoshima, has officially entered the BIG TIME, having been picked up for national newspaper syndication by United Features Syndicate!

According to the UFS release, the move makes SAM the first Asian American lead character of a nationally syndicated strip, joining the ranks of such icons as Charlie Brown, Marmaduke, and Dilbert.

For SAM fans, the best news is that Tak will have to step up the pace, making two versions of the strip available -- as a daily strip and as a weekly/Sunday full color strip. He talks about his observations of the shift to the big leagues on the Secret Asian Man blog.

Editors interested in picking up SAM can go to the UFS FeatureBank for details.

Read the full story about SAM's syndication, and check out this week's bonus SAM strips while you're there!