Saturday, May 12, 2007

Andy Toy Poised to Become Philadelphia’s First APA Councilman

This week, Philadelphia stands to make history, with a good chance of electing of its first-ever Asian American city councilman, Andy Toy. Smart, experienced, personable and extremely knowledgeable about the intersection of economic, crime, education and green neighborhood development issues, Toy has wide cross-ethnic support in his bid for one of the open at-large seats in the May 15 election. He's also been endorsed by virtually every serious and major publication in the region including the Inquirer and the Daily News, and major green, labor and neighborhood organizations.

He has also enjoyed the backing of Asian American organizations and activists nationwide. Known as a leader in the movement that saved Philadelphia's historic Chinatown from being wiped out by a sports stadium, for serving on Governor Rendell's Asian American Commission, and almost 15 years of successful economic development in poverty stricken, polluted neighborhoods, he has attracted support of APAs for Progress, among other national groups, and volunteers fropm California, New England, the Midwest and Virginia have been heading to the city of bortherly love to stump for him.

He's a great candidate not because he's Asian American, but because he has what it takes to help solve this city's considerable problems, and the city needs him even though it has never elected an Asian American before.

Most recently, noted filmmaker and frequent Village contributor Eric Byler (Charlotte Sometimes, American Knees, My Life Disoriented) came to Philadelphia to create a campaign video for Toy that has been spreading through Youtube. com and offline distribution to out-of-town volunteers, donors and supporters.

Check out the article on Andy Toy's race for Philadelphia City Council here and the Toy for City Council video here if you have trouble with the Youtube control below.

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