Sunday, January 28, 2007

FKwang article in New Adoption Parenting Book by EMK Press

Check out Frances' article on page 319 and 332!

Release below:

EMK Press is proud to announce our NEW, groundbreaking parenting book:

Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections

Edited by Jean MacLeod and Sheena Macrae, PhD

Finally, a comprehensive parenting book for adoptive families!

Over 100 contributors have helped EMK Press to weave a stunning tapestry of advice specifically for adoptive parents. Parenting adopted children requires parenting with an extra layer and this book helps you to understand where that extra layer falls. This over 500 page book is a wealth of information for the newly arrived home family and the experienced family as well. This is a book you won’t read all at once, but come back to again and again as your child’s awareness of who they are develops and your awareness of how to help them increases.Our adopted children come to us from loss–loss of a birthfamily, culture, and language. There are helpful things that we can do to address these issues, and Adoption Parenting helps you to create an awareness to do just that. We also look at stumbling blocks to good parenting, and standard parenting practices that aren’t right for adopted children. We look at the core issues all members of the adoption triad face, and look at how that affects standard parenting challenges like sleeping through the night, discipline, and attachment. We cover specific challenges families have faced: FASD, Trauma and PTSD, Sensory Integration, Speech and Language delays, and at ways to effectively parent a post-institutionalized child or a child who has experienced trauma in their journey to you.

To see the actual table of contents, click below

Front Matter and Table of Contents: frontmatter.pdf

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