Friday, October 09, 2009

Screenwriter Pitches: API Artists Fest - 10/22

OCTOBER 7, 2009
CONTACT: Ken Choy;; 866-841-9139x4123

It s time for screenwriters to get their Pitches on as the innovative Battle of the Pitches gets underway Thursday, October 22, 2009 as part of BREAKING THE BOW: The 1st Annual Independent Asian Pacific Islander Performing Artists and Writers Festival at the Miles Memorial Playhouse at 1130 Lincoln Blvd; Santa Monica, CA 90403.

Competing in front of an audience and a panel of esteemed judges, screenwriters will battle each other with their one-minute pitches for the opportunity to have a pitch meeting with executives at FOX 2000 and FOX Searchlight as well as have lunch with a FOX executive. Much like American Idol, the screenwriters will be judged on performance and persuasive techniques, quality and originality of writing, and presentation.

Any writer can enter Battle of the Pitches which promotes Asian Pacific Islander writers and scripts that have prominent, non-stereotypical, and strong Asian Pacific Islander characters and themes. Complete entrant information can be found at Battle of the Pitches contestants enter for $5 plus the $10 ticket admission. Contestant reservations and audience reservations are strongly suggested.

Just released are the identities of the judges:
API film icon Kelvin Han Yee
Writer, actress, and comedienne Amy Hill
Academy Award winner Chris Tashima

Programs assist in the promotion and education of undiscovered, unattached, and unknown talent. Breaking the Bow is sponsored by Fox Diversity, East West Magazine, Visual Communications, JBC Images, Brian Raimondi Photography, and Lago Santa Monica.

For more information and reservations, contact;